Mission Statement & Core Values

As an outreach to our community, we commit to educate children in a nurturing environment that reflects god's love; strengthening their develop,ent through a focus on the whole child (physical, intellectual, social/emotional and spiritual)

Church & Community

We aim to build meaningful relationships with both the children and the parents, taking heed to their needs and knowing theem on a personal basis.  In doing so, we hope to build a relationship between the community and the church.

The Bible
Using the Bible as God's guide for our faith and life, we will follow its' direction for the spiritual, intellectual, social/emotional and physical development of each child.

Embracing Childhood
We value childhood and believe it should be celebrated and held in safekeeping.  We value each child as created in God's image and will educate in a manner that affirms children and respects their individual uniqueness.

We believe that teaching by example is vital.  We will model and teach Christian faith principles and biblical studies as well as intellectual studies.  We value the importance of a curriculum that follows our mission statement; reflecting God's love and strengthening their development through a focus on the whole child.

Because God has given parents responsibility for the nurture and training of their children, we will help them fulfill this calling in partnership with the church.

Jesus demonstrated gentleness when he said, "Let the children come to me."  Even when the disciples were quick to turn the children away, Jesus accepted them with open arms.  We value the importance of gentleness and commit to teaching and correcting children in a gentle manner.