Important Dates for the 2023/2024 School Year

Preschool Classes run Mid-September through May.  Elementary School Classes run Mid-September through Mid-June.  Below are some important things to be aware of for the school year.  Details will be shared with fully-registered students through your Brightwheel account as it is available.  Be sure to download the Brightwheel App and turn on notifications to stay informed.

Early August - School Preparation...Registered students will receive details through their Brightwheel account which will include Supplies needed and other important information. 

Early September - Parent Orientation...This is a time for the Celebration Kidz Staff to present Procedures, etc. to the  parents.  We do ask that a parent from each family attends this meeting if possible.  This meeting is for parents only.  Your children will have their orientation when they meet their teacher.  The exact date and time will be shared through Brightwheel in early August.

Mid September - "Meet the Teacher"... These days are designed for the children to have an opportunity to acclimate themselves to the environment and for the teacher and student to get to know each other.   Each grade level does this a little differently, but each child will sign up for a time-slot where you and your child will get to come in and spend a little time with the teacher.  Exact dates will be shared on Brightwheel in early August and Digital Sign-ups will be shared by September 1st.  I highly recommend participating in this day as it will make the first day of school go much more smoothly!  

September 13th - First Day of Elementary Classes (Kindergarten through 2nd Grade)

September 14th/15th - First Day of Preschool Classes (Preschool, Pre-K & Pre-K Enrichment)