My Ministry Profile

There are places where you are uniquely qualified to serve because of your passions and skills.  The first step to participating in the mission of Celebration Center is to create your unique ministry profile.  The cost is $6 (we can pay the cost for you if it is a hardship), and you will take 4 simple assessments to help us get a better picture of who you are, what your skills are, and how you lead.

After you've created your profile we'll meet to discuss what team would help you best participate in the mission of Celebration Center.  Maybe you should be starting a new team?  Our goal is to help you discover who you are and to help you be most effective in stepping into and walking in your destiny.  Click below to begin the process, if you have have been given the password.  To find out more information, or to receive the password to access the assessments, please email us at